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I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Foundation MGEN and the LIRAES, University of Paris Descartes

Research field

Applied Economics, Insurance, Health Economics, Contracted networks of health providers, Health expenditure in the end of life, Telemedecine, Teenage pregnancies and income, risky behaviours.

Methods: microeconomics and applied micro-econometrics

PhD in Economics

Economic Analysis of Mixed Systems of Health Insurance.

University of Franche Comté, CRESE, Besançon, France.
Date of thesis defense: November 2017, 27th.

Supervisor: Florence Naegelen

Defense Committee: M. Kiffman, J. Witwear, M. Mougeot. B. Dormond and P.Y. Geoffard.


New Working Paper:

“Interactions between social and private insurance under ex-post moral hazard”, MPRA Working Paper num. 92445 (2019).  

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